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Fashion in the heart of Bratislava: Hundreds of people visited the square!

Phenomenal success! Bratislava Fashion Days was realized for the first time under the sky. In the heart of the capital, at the Main Square, the Slovak designers and fashion boutiques, at which collections hundreds of people came to look up, introduced themselves. The applause persisted...


Bratislava Fashion Days wants to be closer to the people. The rich program of the Bratislava Cultural Summer and Castle Festival has been started so by the unique fashion show under the sky, where models of the Slovak designers, as well as the foreign fashion designers – Marco Mirelli, Monika Laceková, Michaela Ľuptáková, Jaroslava Wurl Kocanová, Zuzana Haková, Libor Komosný, Monika Vontszemuová and Katarína Castrovilli, Alizé, Dondup, Jana Pištejová, Róbert Vrzala and Rozbora Couture, were presented. The Main Square in Bratislava was literally bursting at the seams! Hundreds of people came to see the show, inspire themselves by the fashion trends and to experience something new.   

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Fashion in the heart of Bratislava

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