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Bratislava Fashion Days: Colourful, chic a sexy!

The pier of the Bratislava Fashion Days, which held in Showroom Jaguar in Bratislava, was crawled with the exclusive pieces from the famous Slovak designers during the first days. We saw almost everything from the social robes to the transparent evening negligees! Ascertain yourselves....


The unique ninth year began with the opening speech of the organizer, director of Agentúra Promotion, Mária Reháková. “Fashion, that´s not just clothes, shoes or jewellery; fashion is art, that´s why I am very glad that we can offer you together with the partners a beautiful artistic experience,” wished to the participants at the beginning the hostess of the evening Mária Reháková. At the podium, she welcomed Athina Zerva, director of the cosmetic brand Zerva, as well as Vladimír Grežo, director of the Bratislava Culture and Information Centre and Táňa Rosová, mayor of the town section Old Town, who took over the auspices under the first day of Bratislava Fashion Days.



During the first day of Brastislava Fashion days, the famous Slovak designers, as well as young talents, who presented themselves last year through the competition New faces of the Slovak fashion scene, introduced their collections. 

Rebeka Deak Just

La Rena

Zuzana Haková


Róbert Vrzala

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