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Bratislava Fashion Days (BFD) is for several years in Slovakia the foremost event, which presents the fashion production of Slovak and world-known designers. This time the capital of Austria has learned more about the Slovak fashion just due to BFD...


Phenomenal success! Bratislava Fashion Days was realized for the first time under the sky. In the heart of the capital, at the Main Square, the Slovak designers and fashion boutiques, at which collections hundreds of people came to look up, introduced themselves. The applause persisted...


Unique Bratislava Fashion Days were abroad and literally took breathe away in Italy. Designers Zlatica Hujbertová, Veronika Hložníková and Renáta Kliská introduced their collections in Rome.  

The pier of the Bratislava Fashion Days, which held in Showroom Jaguar in Bratislava, was crawled with the exclusive pieces from the famous Slovak designers during the first days. We saw almost everything from the social robes to the transparent evening negligees! Ascertain yourselves....


Exclusive golden fashion show of the ball dresses and men garments capped all the fashion shows of the year! Watch the video from the unique show, where more than twenty designers presented their production. 


In a few days you can enjoy Bratislava Fashion Days, which will be held on 15-17 October 2013. You can watch it online exclusively at www.zenskyweb.sk!


Experience the concert you will never forget before the end of the year! You can see the giants of the Slovak and Czech music at one stage only at the Golden Concert. What exclusive performances you can expect? 

This year Agentúra Promotion in cooperation with the monthly La Famme is organizing already the seventh year of Bratislava Fashion Days. Initially BFD has been organized once a year, since the third year it has been organized twice a year – spring part of BFD in April and the autumn part of BFD in October.

The famous Russian furrier Igor Gulyaev, who dresses the famous Hollywood stars, will take part in this year´s autumn Bratislava Fashion Days (BFD). Let´s see who wears his unique and beautiful fur coats. 

Igor Gulyaev is the owner of the trade network Obsession established in 2003. The company roofs several shops in the entire Russia, which offer to its customers the most luxurious brands producing the furry fashion. The Russian furrier upgrades the fur processing to the art, which doesn’t follow the trends blindly, but always tries to be one step further. 

In October 2012 monthly La Femme and Agentúra Promotion are organizing the autumn part of the seventh year of Bratislava Fashion Days. Within three days of fashion shows, the famous Slovak fashion designers Lukáš Kimlička, Veronika Hložníková, Jana Pištejová or Robert Bartolen will introduce their collections. Exclusive guests - the Russian Igor Gulyaev and the brother of the world-known singing diva Madonna Christopher Ciccone - will be the surprise. Several fashion brands will be presented as well.

Right at the heart of London, in the beautiful building of the Institute of Directors, in which the Slovak House has its seat during the Olympic Games, the fashion show of the foremost Slovak fashion designers, who have inspired themselves by the traditional Slovak clothing when creating, was held.

The valuable guests like the President of the Slovak Republic Ivan Gašparovič, Slovak Olympian attaché in London Jan Telenský and the chairman of the Slovak Olympic Committee František Chmelár participated in the fashion show under the brand of Bratislava Fashion Days.

On Wednesday 30 May 2012 in the evening the proclamation of the results of the Slovak Woman of the Year 2012 inquiry that was announced for the fourth time by the weekly Slovenka in cooperation with RTVS (Broadcast and Television of Slovakia) and SND (Slovak National Theatre) took place in the historical building of the Slovak National Theatre (SND). The inquiry´s philosophy is to present the ladies who are extraordinary and successful in their profession. Watch the video record from the ceremonial gala evening with is!

The fourth and the last day of the spring Bratislava Fashion Days 2012 continued on Thursday 26 April in the evening in the hotel Double Tree by Hilton with exclusive fashion shows of the collections: Nine Fashion – Class Roberto Cavalli, Deseo, men´s fashion brand Hackett London, Slovak fashion designers Robert Bartolen and Veronika Hložníková, Czech designer Libor Komosný and Spaniard Kina Fernandez.

The third day of Bratislava Fashion Days continued in the hotel Double Lukáš Kimlička, Jana Pištejová, Didier Parakian and Fiorangelo shoes. Tree by Hilton with exclusive fashion shows of the collections: Fashion House Alizé, Zuzana Budošová, Katarína Halásová, Annamária Kiss Kósa, Monika Vontszemuová, Izabela Komjati,

This year the opening ceremonial of Bratislava´s Motor Show was in a word of magnificent fashion show under the heading of Bratislava Fashion Days (BFD).

There´s no doubt that lovely women and beautiful fashion inherently belong to the beautiful cars. On Tuesday 17 April 2012 in the evening the fashion brand Luisa Spagnoli, the young fashion designer Zlatica Hujbertová and the stylist Milan Štefan from the monthly La Femme, who prepared the choice of the best from the past years of BFD, introduced at the fashion show. 

BMD 2012: Bratislava ožije módou

Since the middle of April the Bratislava Fashion Days spring/summer 2012, where not only Slovak designers, but also fashion creators from France and Spain, will present their production, will be held in Bratislava´s Incheba, showroom cabinet and Hilton hotel.

This year the exclusive series of Bratislava Fashion Days´ shows organized under the auspices of Agentúra Promotion will relocate in the premises of the hotel Double Tree by Hilton.

The established Slovak and Czech designers, as well as Kina Fernandez, one of the most famous present-day Spanish designers, will be introduced. 

On Monday, December 19th at 8 pm in the premises of the Hall of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, the renowned Slovak designers under the auspices of the Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic will introduce you the exclusive collection of evening ball gowns. 

You can watch exclusive fashion show of the evening dresses online HERE

Autumn Bratislava Fashion Days begin

Agentúra Promotion and La Femme monthly have organized the autumn part of the 6th year of Bratislava Fashion Days (BFD), which begin today, i.e. on Monday, October 24th 2011, with the first set of the fashion shows in the premises of the hotel Holiday Inn. Autumn BFD are held under the auspices of the mayor of the Bratislava´s town section Old Town Tatiana Rosová and the member of the European Parliament Miroslav Mikolášik. 


You can watch the record from the particular days HERE. 

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