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Slovak fashion enchanted Vienna

Bratislava Fashion Days (BFD) is for several years in Slovakia the foremost event, which presents the fashion production of Slovak and world-known designers. This time the capital of Austria has learned more about the Slovak fashion just due to BFD...

The diplomatists and important persons of the social, cultural, political and business life participated in the main national banquet organized by the Slovak ambassador in Austria Juraj Macháč. This significant event was realized on the occasion of 20th anniversary of the Constitutional Day of the Slovak Republic, on-coming 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution and 10th anniversary of the admission to the European Union.


Fashion show of the successful Slovak designers, who have introduced their collections also at Bratislava Fashion Days, was the principal point of the program. Jana Gavalcová, Veronika Hložníková, Zuzana Haková, Renáta Kliská with the brand LA RENA and Katarína Feix with the brand Katie´s bag have brought to Vienna unique models, which took the breathe away to the guests present. “I am very glad that we could introduce the production of the Slovak designers, who are ranking themselves successfully among the top of the European production, right here in Vienna,” the organizer of BFD Mária Reháková didn’t hide the enthusiasm. Bratislava Fashion Days in Bratislava will be held in the middle of October. You can watch it online at www.zenskyweb.sk.

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